Letter to the Editor

Editor of The Drew Acorn,

In response to “Clinton and Trump both viewed negatively by student body…” by Charlotte Brockway published Friday, September 16, 2016.

My name is Michael Callahan and I’ve been working in ministry for many years now and I am a student at the Theological school and potential candidate in the United Methodist Church. I read the article to see if I could gain some perspective on what is being discussed around campus regarding the election. Afterwards I felt compelled to share some thoughts. I urge my brothers and sisters to take deep consideration for the power of their vote.

We are tasked with the privilege of choosing the leader of our nation and we must not take that lightly. Yet, for so long the answer has been simplified to having “your” side win. So many around us fight, not for our nation, but just for their pride. Please, my brothers and sisters, move wisely. Truly explore the candidates and see who embodies wholesome principles. As a leader in the church I would urge many to see who embodies the teachings of Christ. Teachings of compassion, justice, love, mercy, and grace. Most of all, we are called to see our true strength as a nation. We are the United States of America. Our greatest strength is found when we grasp each other’s hands and choose to move forward together. Let us move forward past wanting to be right and do right by using our vote wisely.



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