Letter to the Editor: Save the Forest

By T.J. Chiang

My friend Hans Morsink, a former political science professor, wrote a letter to the editor on his experience with saving the trees at Drew University since the early 1980s. He notes how he was the sole objector when trees were being cut down to pave way for the Methodist Archives Building. Thirty years later, he is currently objecting a plan put forward by the administration to cut down trees for more parking areas.  His piece stuck out to me because it is very true. Even though I am graduating, I fear that trees are going to be cut down for new projects, such as more parking spaces for large events and potential buildings. Not only will we lose our beauty, but also our uniqueness. Currently, our campus is very beautiful, especially on a nice summer or on a fall day. We pride ourselves on being the “University In the Forest”, and by removing trees we are going to be more commonplace –– just like every other college out there: with big parking lots, big buildings, and not a single tree in sight! I do not totally object to these changes because it is a decision that would be made by the administration. However, I would like to propose a solution that will satisfy all the interests involved. For every tree cut down, a new tree must be planted! For example, if the administration would like to cut down trees for a project we can plant a new one elsewhere.

T.J. is a senior Sociology major.


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