WOCO hosts annual march for women’s empowerment against sexual violence

by Nina Campli, Staff Writer

Last Thursday WOCO, the Women’s Concerns house on campus, held their annual Take Back the Night march, an event that “… marks our refusal to live in fear and be controlled by the threat of violence perpetrated against us (women).”  Keiran Wilson (‘17), a member of WOCO, explained, “This event is an important and long standing feminist tradition that is not limited to the Drew community. It provides a space for all students to address the issue of gender based violence on an individual and structural level.”  The women who participated made stops at 17 sites on campus where a sexual assault has occurred and read a poem to honor the victims.  

Dorian Crimmins (‘19) is a member of WoCo who also participated in the march last year said, “It’s really emotionally exhausting to be a part of, especially for women on the march, it’s rough […] because you are kind of pouring your heart out the entire time.”

Alongside the march, there is also a men’s vigil which takes place outside of Brothers College. The vigil provides a space for men to discuss the issues of sexual violence, masculinity and power and possible ways to stimulate change.  This year the men read an article on toxic masculinity.  Billy Fenton (‘17) said, “Sexual assault is an issue that is very important and it is a problem on every campus not just this one and we shouldn’t shy away from it talking about it or pretend like it doesn’t happen here.”

After the march the men and women who participated are invited back to WoCo for a little reception with food and drinks. The goal of this gathering was to come together and keep the discussion of about gender violence going.


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