Who is @Drewinstamemes?

By Brooke Winters

As many of the Drew community have discovered, a fellow Drewid–or Drewids–has taken upon him or herself to create a Drew University meme page on Instagram. As the page describes, their page is “the Drew meme page we need but not the one we deserve,” alluding to the famous Batman reference. The account also claims to accept submissions from fellow Drewids, adding to the community engagement of page. The account covers various Drew culture aspects such as Matt, a favorite campus employee of many, “starter pack” memes of Commons and the Suite parties, some inconveniences at Drew such as the malfunctioning treadmills in Simon Forum and utilizing screenshots of that interesting holiday video of a unique capitalist squirrel no one really knew what to make of. Seriously, who was behind the animation of that squirrel? What animation school did they go to? Who chose that outfit the squirrel was wearing? Can Drew hire some people from Pixar for next year’s video?

Anyway, that’s besides the point. What truly matters is that @Drewinstamemes fulfills a need for the Drew community that many other colleges have had for some time: a totally nonsensical meme page. Many other larger colleges have had their own meme pages that poke fun at unique aspects of their communities for a while now, and with @Drewinstamemes, Drew has finally joined the 21st century. Thankfully @Drewinstamemes came after that era of early mid 2000s memes no one talks about anymore. That would have just been truly tragic. We’ll probably be saying the same thing in ten years about the memes of our day, but that’s the issue of the Acorn writers of 2028. Good luck, suckers.

Who is the person or people behind @Drewinstamemes? We may never know, although a recent meme seemed to allude to their identity being a “he,” referring to the account’s recent Spiderman meme. Perhaps one day the person behind the account will reveal his or her identity. Maybe the person’s identity doesn’t really matter. Maybe the real @Drewinstamemes is the friends we made along the way.

Or maybe it’s Jake Levine. Who knows?

Brooke is a junior Political Science major and Studio Art minor.


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