Keep It In Your Pants

Throughout history, men have felt entitled to women’s bodies. Today, this entitlement often translates to the sharing of pictures of genitalia, especially without invitation. After a couple of conversations surrounding the topic of so-called dick pics, The Acorn decided to conduct a poll to see how often people receive unsolicited pictures of a penis. The results were disappointing, but not at all surprising. Of the … Continue reading Keep It In Your Pants

A Reflection of Its Time: Women Are Still Underrepresented

Time Magazine released its list of the 100 Most Influential people of 2018 on Thursday, April 19. This year’s list honors 14-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, making her the youngest honoree in history, and also has a record number of 45 women. This is a historic moment and hopefully, it serves its purpose to reshape the view society has of strong women. However, for all of … Continue reading A Reflection of Its Time: Women Are Still Underrepresented

Stop Demonizing Sex Workers

On Wednesday, April 11, President Donald Trump signed the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA) into law, effective immediately. Although sex trafficking, specifically of underage girls on the internet, is rampant and needs to be stopped, this bill has some negative consequences for sex workers. Sex workers should not have their already dangerous and difficult career made more dangerous under … Continue reading Stop Demonizing Sex Workers

Continuing the Conversation About Title IX

“The next question I have for you is about a subject I know is very important to you….We take very seriously our obligations under Title IX to protect our women on campus and all of our community members on campus. At times it feels like an uphill battle because the causes of sexual violence, of sexual assault, of sexual harassment, are so bred in the … Continue reading Continuing the Conversation About Title IX

La Heroína Hispana que Necesitábamos

By Caitlin Shannon and Kassel Franco Garibay Emma González. La están comparando con Juana de Arco. ¿Juana de Arco? Hermano, perdóname pero ella no viene de ninguna línea similar a Juana de Arco. El camino en el que González camina se forjó por otras latinas en sus países y en la diáspora. Julia de Burgos, Dolores Huerta, Las Mariposas, Sylvia Rivera y Gloria Anzaldúa. González sigue … Continue reading La Heroína Hispana que Necesitábamos

Let’s Make This the Last Conversation on Gun Control

It has been a rough week. Following the news of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. the country has found itself, yet again, revisiting the gun control debate. 14 high school students and three staff members tragically were killed, the youngest student was just 14 years old. This school shooting is fundamentally different for a very important reason: the victims and survivors all grew up … Continue reading Let’s Make This the Last Conversation on Gun Control

An Education on Education

By Kassel Franco Garibay More than half of the children in the world are not learning. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics’ 2017 report, more than 617 million children and adolescents are not achieving basic proficiency levels in reading or mathematics. Across the world only 6.7 percent of adults get the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, and yet every day I am baffled by … Continue reading An Education on Education

A Call for International Understanding

Next week, the world will be tuning in to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Every four years, the international community turns their eyes to one of the greatest athletic events in the world. Throughout history, the Olympic Games have been regarded as a symbol of international cooperation and understanding amongst cultures, and this year is no different. Not for the first time, North and South Korea … Continue reading A Call for International Understanding

Keep Showing Up. Keep Showing Out.

by Kassel Franco Garibay On January 21, 2017, I stood in the streets of New York City along with half a million people to march for women’s rights. To be completely fair, it was not so much marching as it was shuffling in one place for five hours, taking a ridiculously long time to advance a single block and then being stopped a few meters … Continue reading Keep Showing Up. Keep Showing Out.