Apologizing for the unapologetic

Earlier on in this semester it came to our attention that some students who have contributed articles to The Drew Acorn have received messages that can only be described as hate mail. Because of the gravity of this issue, we were not able to address the situation sooner in order to avoid interfering with Title IX Office confidentiality and privacy policies and Public Safety’s procedures, … Continue reading Apologizing for the unapologetic

Dealing with a drug overdose

By Jennifer Rose When I used to read stories about people who overdosed on their medications, I never thought it would happen to me. However, just before Christmas, when we usually feel both happy and stressed, my feelings became so intense that I went completely over the edge. It started out like any typical evening, showering and all. Then, I heard my mom yelling. She … Continue reading Dealing with a drug overdose

“I’m triggered”

By Violet Wallerstein At least once a day I hear someone, sometimes a friend, use the phrase “I’m triggered” in reference to something funny/annoying/upsetting that just happened. Sometimes they go further and claim “that brings back my PTSD” or “I have PTSD about that.” While these jokes normalize symptoms of PTSD, it is in a mocking way that is harmful to people living with PTSD. … Continue reading “I’m triggered”

White privilege is real

By Kassel Franco Garibay As you are about to enter the History section at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., a guide explains how the exhibitions are structured. After a short ride in an elevator, the display begins three floors beneath ground level and begins to tell the story of slavery in America from 1400 to 1877. The ceilings … Continue reading White privilege is real

Please Press Pause: Some things to think about before watching “Thirteen Reasons Why”

By Alexa Young Writer’s note: I have tried to keep spoilers at bay in the following piece. While I do discuss some major themes I have kept most major characters and plot points unnamed. Many of you may have noticed a new series on your Netflix home pages—“Thirteen Reasons Why,” contained in its little box, begging you to click. Perhaps, some of you have heard … Continue reading Please Press Pause: Some things to think about before watching “Thirteen Reasons Why”

We’re still here

By Jake Levine         In his declaration that “Hell is other people,” Sartre articulated the power others hold in shaping and determining the perception of us that holds in the public eye. The notion of “Hell” refers to a fear of living within the confines of an inaccurate identification that fails to truly account for the intricacies and nuances we associate with our own personhood. … Continue reading We’re still here