The Problem with the U.S. and Mass Shootings

By Brett Harmon Mass shootings in the United States have quickly become a deadly problem as oftentimes the importance of ending gun violence is overlooked. Reducing the loss of innocent lives and acts of violence should be made a priority before they burden our country further. The deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States is the 2017 Las Vegas shooting that happened … Continue reading The Problem with the U.S. and Mass Shootings

Stop Pushing my Buttons and Open the Door

Think twice the next time you raise one of your two empty and abled hands to press the button that opens the doors automatically to the EC or any other building on campus. Definitely think thrice if you are doing it so that you can drag your two lazy and abled feet inside. Or even if you have something in one of your hands, you … Continue reading Stop Pushing my Buttons and Open the Door

Kushner, You’re Next

By Ellie Kreidie On Friday, December 1, the world’s jaw collectively dropped as news broke that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn not only plead guilty to a single charge of lying to the F.B.I. in December 2016, but he also announced that he was cooperating with Robert Mueller’s team. This news shocked Washington and the entire Trump White House as it not only became the … Continue reading Kushner, You’re Next

Water You Drinking?

Isabella Kudas As an out-of-stater, the first thing I was surprised about when I got to Drew was how bad the water tastes. Being from Maine, regular faucet water tastes like the purest thing you will ever have in your life; it’s refreshing, revitalizing and energizing. The water here makes it easy to hate drinking water, between the grainy feel and the aftertaste it’s hard … Continue reading Water You Drinking?

There Is Still Time To Stop New Neutrality

On December 15, 2017, Comcast unveils their new Super Fast Deluxe Internet Package- complete with unrestricted internet speeds, Netflix subscription, and complete social media access- all for the low, low price of $200 per month. Consumers can add on sports and gaming packages including access to ESPN and Xbox Live for only $15 per month more! Now that’s not the reality, at least for the … Continue reading There Is Still Time To Stop New Neutrality

Countries Must Do More For Immigrants

By Ellie Kreidie, Currently, one of the world’s worst manmade disasters is occurring in the sea. In recent years, countless stories have been written on the thousands of migrants and refugees taking the difficult and life-threatening journey from Libya to European borders. Sadly, often the only time this story is posted on the front page is when there has been a large death toll. Thankfully, … Continue reading Countries Must Do More For Immigrants