Leaf the Blowers Alone

By Violet Wallerstein Drew is proud of promoting sustainability, and yet during the fall, leaf blowers can be heard all over campus at various hours of the day. Leaf blowers are detrimental and do not serve a useful function other than making the campus look pretty. Drew is spending lots of time, energy and money to push leaves all around campus. While it may be … Continue reading Leaf the Blowers Alone

Adieu London

By Inji Kim To compensate for the rather overwhelmingly cranky voice that dominated my previous article, I have decided to gush over the more glamorous moments we’ve experienced during the program. Sometimes the banality of everyday life eclipses the special moments we get to experience, and this certainly has been a case during my time here.  For example, today, I was on the treadmill, running … Continue reading Adieu London

Wall Undecorator, You Are My Hero

By Nate Chada I’ll be frank—the person who keeps ruining the Tolley-Brown wall decorations? Whoever you are, you’re a goddamn hero. My goddamn hero. A frickin’ godsend. Look, everybody else might find your actions to be toxic, destructive, pointless and all around just a dick move, but I get it. I understand you. Just like me, you are capital-T-Tired of having to walk down the … Continue reading Wall Undecorator, You Are My Hero

Stop Glorifying Men for being Mediocre

There is nothing sexier than a bigot, amiright ladies? Blake Shelton was recently chosen as this year’s ‘sexiest man alive’ by People magazine, and for a solid second we all wondered how many beautiful men had to die to make this possible. We are not sure what standards are used to determine which man deserves this title, but they obviously do not care much about … Continue reading Stop Glorifying Men for being Mediocre

The GOP Defends Another Sexual Abuser

By Ryman Curtis On Thursday, November 9, The Washington Post published an article accusing Judge Roy Moore, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, of initiating sexual encounters with both a 14 and 16-year-old girl. Just as a refresher, Moore is the same candidate who believes that large portions of Indiana and Illinois are under Sharia law and that “we’ve asked for” mass shootings … Continue reading The GOP Defends Another Sexual Abuser

White People Don’t Get to Define Racism

By Kassel Franco Garibay Not for the first time, this week I had a white straight man try to define my experience as a Mexican living in the United States for me. Over the last year and a half, I have had men make assumptions about what it is like to be a young Mexican woman studying abroad in the U.S. While some assumptions are … Continue reading White People Don’t Get to Define Racism