New Show, Typical Stereotypes

By Colleen Dabrowski Netflix’s new comedy series, “Atypical”, is a coming-of-age story about an 18-year-old boy named Sam. Sam is on the autism spectrum and has come to the conclusion that he wants to start navigating the intricacies of dating and romance. The show’s intent was to answer the question: “What does it mean to be normal?” When it was first announced, the show seemed … Continue reading New Show, Typical Stereotypes

Academic Accessibility Continues to be Inaccessible

While Drew makes a good effort to address the different needs of its student body, there is still a long road to travel in order to make sure that, regardless of whether a student has a disability or not, they can thrive and learn at the same level as their counterparts. It has been discussed before that most buildings are not handicap accessible. But the … Continue reading Academic Accessibility Continues to be Inaccessible

Tuition went Down: It was About Time.

By Hannah Bouchard   I have heard plenty of talk about the tuition decrease and was excited at first, but soon after began thinking: “It was bound to happen eventually.” I mean that. I have had extremely passionate conversations with friends from high school about the cost of college and what I have learned is both sad and frustrating. Schools are just too expensive, and it … Continue reading Tuition went Down: It was About Time.

An Eyewitness’ Approach to Charlottesville

  By Matthew Ludak   The sun had not yet fully risen when I arrived at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It was barely 6:30 in the morning, but there was a large police presence in and surrounding the park already. The main roads had all been shut down, and a sort of box had been created to keep the protesters in and away from … Continue reading An Eyewitness’ Approach to Charlottesville

Things to Remember about the Repeal of DACA

The past couple of months have been rough for the United States and the people living in it. Regardless of nationality, country of origin or even legal status, recent events have led people from all backgrounds to rethink their position in current debates. After a month of rising tensions regarding North Korea’s nuclear testing, Hurricane Harvey made its first of two landfalls, devastating Houston and … Continue reading Things to Remember about the Repeal of DACA

Apologizing for the unapologetic

Earlier on in this semester it came to our attention that some students who have contributed articles to The Drew Acorn have received messages that can only be described as hate mail. Because of the gravity of this issue, we were not able to address the situation sooner in order to avoid interfering with Title IX Office confidentiality and privacy policies and Public Safety’s procedures, … Continue reading Apologizing for the unapologetic