New NASA Administrator

By Violet Wallerstein Jim Bridenstine was sworn in as NASA administrator on April 23, with his hand on a Bible by Vice President Pence after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 19. NASA states that Bridenstine took the position from Robert Lightfoot, who was the acting administrator from January 2017 until his planned resignation on April 30. While in the past there have … Continue reading New NASA Administrator

Slowing Currents

By Nate Davidovich The Atlantic Ocean is currently moving in slow-motion. In the last 1,600 years, the circulation has never peaked so low, and the same can be said for the temperature. This statistic may not sound so daunting at its core, but it includes many factors that could make or break our environment as a whole. According to Scientific American, with slowed circulation of … Continue reading Slowing Currents

Courtney Zoffness Finalist for the 9th Annual EFG Short Story Award

By Nathan Davidovich The Sunday Times announced the lineup for the EFG Short Story Award, which Drew University professor Courtney Zoffness, Director of Drew’s Creative Writing Program. Before coming to Drew, Zoffness was a professor at numerous universities, including Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, Allegheny College and the University of Freiburg. “I am both excited and shocked about my nomination,” said Zoffness. “It’s truly an … Continue reading Courtney Zoffness Finalist for the 9th Annual EFG Short Story Award

Americorps Safer Communities Launch

By: Caitlin Shannon, Editor of Student Life and Arts Photographer: M. Ibadi We all want safer communities, especially with the seemingly ever present threat of mass shootings, police brutality and preventable tragedies. The question is, how can we realistically and effectively create safer communities? Drew’s Center on Religion, Culture and Conflict is taking a step towards doing that with the Safer Communities Initiative. This multi-faceted … Continue reading Americorps Safer Communities Launch

A Call for International Understanding

Next week, the world will be tuning in to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Every four years, the international community turns their eyes to one of the greatest athletic events in the world. Throughout history, the Olympic Games have been regarded as a symbol of international cooperation and understanding amongst cultures, and this year is no different. Not for the first time, North and South Korea … Continue reading A Call for International Understanding

U.S. Sailors Missing from Cargo Plane Crash off Japan Identified

By Mel Dikert Last week, a C2-A Greyhound cargo plane went down in the midst of what was meant to be a routine transport flight between Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. There were 11 people on the plane when it crashed. According to USA Today, the plane crashed about 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa, Japan. Eight of … Continue reading U.S. Sailors Missing from Cargo Plane Crash off Japan Identified

Get the Buzz on Samantha Bee

By: Nina Campli, Assistant Student Life and Arts Editor Lately everything in the news is either about the impending world doom, Trump or how he is helping to fuel the impending world doom. When they are not talking about those things, they are giving tips about how to live a healthier lifestyle, which makes you feel bad about the cookies you are eating as you … Continue reading Get the Buzz on Samantha Bee