Florida Passes Gun Legislation After Parkland

By Ellie Kreidie After 17 students and teachers were shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day this year, the pressure on lawmakers across the country to deliver proper gun control legislation has ramped up. No place has felt that pressure more than Florida, where the shooting occurred, and where both Democratic and Republican lawmakers have been forced into providing some form of … Continue reading Florida Passes Gun Legislation After Parkland

23andMe Releases Breast Cancer Test

Violet Wallerstein On March 6, 23andMe announced that the FDA has approved its first direct-to-consumer test for mutations in the BRCA gene which are linked to breast cancer. This test is following their release the previous year of a test showing the person’s risk for ten diseases. According to Scientific American, the FDA approval is based on the accuracy of the test as well as … Continue reading 23andMe Releases Breast Cancer Test

National Parks: Puerto Rico’s Cabeza de San Juan

Maimouna Kante On the Northeastern tip of Puerto Rico lies a lighthouse built by the Spanish upon their arrival. The lighthouse over looks the Atlantic Ocean, a bioluminescent bay outlined with thousands of mangrove trees. From black mangroves to white mangroves, each mangrove tree has its unique means of adapting on different sectors along the lagoon. This is in Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve … Continue reading National Parks: Puerto Rico’s Cabeza de San Juan

Adélie Penguin Colony on Danger Islands

Abigail Mullen      In a recent study published on March 5 by Scientific Report, scientists have shown that there is a larger population of Adélie penguins than previously thought. A large colony of penguins lives on the Danger Islands off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula consisting 751,527 pairs of Adélie penguins. This is more than the population of Adélie penguins on the … Continue reading Adélie Penguin Colony on Danger Islands

Stephen Hawking Passes at 76

The global scientific community is mourning the death of Stephen Hawking this week, a visionary physicist and inspiration to people in all walks of life. Dr. Hawking is well-known for his scientific prowess but also for his incredible resilience and adventurousness. It is incredible that Stephen Hawking lived to old age, considering at age 21 he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known … Continue reading Stephen Hawking Passes at 76

Forest Findings: Spruce Tree

Colleen Dabrowski Spruce trees are of the genus Picea, which is made up of over 35 species of coniferous evergreen trees from the family Pinaceae. Evergreen is a term to describe plants that retain their green leaves throughout the year. Coniferous refers to plants that bear their seeds in cones or as yews, a specialized seed that is carried in a berry-like fruit called an … Continue reading Forest Findings: Spruce Tree

At Independent Thrift Shop, Donations Come In and Out

By: Alex Auer (’18), Contributing Writer Photographer: Tanya Breen The store shares a building with One-Hour Modernizing Dry-Cleaning, another small, local business. One must walk past the floor-length windows featuring racks and racks of freshly pressed clothes to find the thrift shop. It’s tucked away and marked by a single, white door. The grandma’s-house scent of mothballs and lavender overwhelms the space. The shop is … Continue reading At Independent Thrift Shop, Donations Come In and Out